Resources for Women Small Business Owners


Women who want to be small business owners may have questions about how to open a business (or grow one). This article points to some websites with answers.
Women who plan to own their own businesses in the United States might wonder how to get started in opening a new business or growing an existing business to be even stronger. There is much advice to sift through on the web. So where is a woman to start? Here are several websites that provide good starting points in the search for information about business opportunities for women.

Office of Women’s Business Ownership
The U.S. Small Business Administration provides the Office of Women’s Business Ownership to support women business owners. This office oversees a national network of Women’s Business Center across the United States and it territories. These centers offer training and counseling for women who are starting up a small business or trying to grow an existing business. They have a special focus on providing business opportunities for women who are economically or socially disadvantaged.
For women who are starting up a small business and they want to bid on government contracts, the website can be a helpful resource. There is detailed information about starting up a small business, learning what the federal government buys, registering the business, and learning how to find the contracting opportunities.
For anyone starting a new business, obtaining the necessary financing is a key piece of the puzzle. The website list organizations that offer grants and loans to women who are looking for help in getting a business loan. The website also has a detailed checklist of the steps women can follow in opening a small business.

SCORE is a nonprofit association that offers help to people who are starting small businesses. They partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The SCORE website provides a list of resources for minority entrepreneurs. Among the information provided for any minority business owners, there is specific information for Asian, black, Hispanic, and Indian women who are working to start and grown their own businesses.

SCORE also provides a list of resources for women entrepreneurs. This list provides focused, detailed resources, such as information for women interested in international trade, for women who are looking to buy a franchise, for women running home-based businesses, for women who seeking ways of financing a business, or for women who are inventors.

Women New Business Owners Can Get Loans, Not Government Grants
Government Funding for Women in Small Businesses
Small Business Start-Up Financing
Information is readily available for women business owners. The websites suggested here are good starting points for any women starting up a small business or needing guidance in growing the business they already have.

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